UNKLE new album set for release. And its rather Epic…

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Available May 10TH 2010 On Surrender All + Follow Me Down (single release June 7th)


Critically acclaimed London-based UNKLE announce the release of their fourth-proper full-length record “Where Did The Night Fall” on their label Surrender All on May 10th. The album will feature fourteen tracks recorded over the last year at various locations around the world including the band’s Surrender Sounds studio in London, Ibiza, Melbourne and Los Angeles. To celebrate the release of “Where Did The Night Fall” UNKLE exclusively streamed a new track, Natural Selection(featuring The Black Angels), at SPIN.com. The track is currently available for free download atUNKLE.com as is Caged Bird (featuring Katrina Ford).

UNKLE are well known for their incredible music soundscopes and also as the Maestros that brought music to such well-known media TV advertisements, Series and Films such as: the soundtrack for ‘Top Gear season 1’0, Advertisement for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 gameAssassin’s Creed’, main title theme of ‘The Beach’ (film), soundtrack for ‘Misfits’ (TV series) episode 1, soundtrack for ‘Push’, music for TV Advertisement ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ (Lucozade). Trailer for ‘Prison Break’ on Channel Five, trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum, Trailer for ‘Spooks TV’ series 6, Trailer for ‘Heroes’ (TV Series) season 1. Trailer for ‘CSI: NY’ on Channel Five, soundtrack for ‘Need For Speed: ProStreet’, the song became an “EA Track’, soundtrack for 2010 film ‘Repo Men’, soundtrack for ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’, soundtrack for ‘MasterChef’, soundtrack for ‘Queer As Folk’(USA) season 5, episode 5s ‘Advertisement for BMW’ and many more title and theme tunes.

Their current album has influences from psychedelic rock to afrobeat and employs live drums, strings and percussion from The Heritage Orchestra. All this, coupled with UNKLE’s trademark electronica is expertly woven and layered to build rich sound-scapes. “Where Did The Night Fall” takes the listener on another exciting musical journey.

Once again we see UNKLE joined by a host of guest vocalists including gravelly voiced legend Mark Lanegan, formerly of Queens of the Stone Age and Screaming Trees; San Francisco psych scene darlings Sleepy Sun; Texan based drone rockers The Black Angels; and Katrina Ford of cabaret punk trio Celebration and long time TV On The Radio collaborator.

Also returning to the fold are tracks with Joel Cadbury, former South frontman; Gavin Clark, formerClayhill frontman; ELLE J of dark folk-rock group Dark Horses; and, Los Angeles based art noise-pop trio Autolux.

UNKLE – Where Did The Night Fall

  1. Nowhere
  2. Follow Me Down (feat Sleepy Sun)
  3. Natural Selection (feat The Black Angels)
  4. Joy Factory (feat Autolux)
  5. The Answer (feat Big In Japan (Baltimore))
  6. On A Wire (feat ELLE J)
  7. Falling Stars (feat Gavin Clark)
  8. Heavy Drug
  9. Caged Bird (feat Katrina Ford)
  10. Ablivion
  11. The Runaway (feat ELLE J)
  12. Ever Rest (feat Joel Cadbury)
  13. The Healing (feat Gavin Clark)
  14. Another Night Out (feat Mark Lanegan)


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