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Colm Lynch
New album: Tickety B

One thing is for certain, Colm Lynch & his eight piece band know how to perform- and on this album the singer songwriter is anxious to impress. Whether it is by singing his heart out or banging the hell out his guitar, he has set his goals on achieving something rather significant. But has he done it?

YES, and why, because he took his time, he learned his trade, he gigged and gigged and gigged and found out what people want out of a li ve performance and condensed it into an album. Three years after the release of his debut record, A Whisper in a Riot, Tickety Boo is telling of the singers personal progression and is an album that deserves not to be ignored, and one that simply demands your attention.

I actually do not think this man knows how to do things half ways, as he has a straight up- ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of persona. He is in it for t he music and nothing else. This much is obvious in his live shows. You wont find Colm at the opening of every envelope, but given the chance to rock an event, he’ll be there with guitar in hand and with his enormous eight piece extravagantly brilliant roots band (banjo, fiddle, sax, lead guitar, harmonica, strings, drums… the list goes on…). All this in the mix, proves a cocktail for a great night out or a great listen on speakers. Lynch’s voice is all ‘throat and gravel’ and on this record he is definitely pushing every bit of himself to the limit. Sounding at times like he has sang through the night and indulged in a bottle of whiskey and about 80 ciggies….But it’s ok, cause for this man it just works.

It would be very easy for me to draw easy stylistic comparisons with anyone from Springstein, Dylan and Steve Earl, but one must remember that this man is in his twenties and is Irish, not a child of the American rock-folk movement of the 60’s. It’s all there – the passion, the sound and the performance, but the songs themselves do take a few listens to nuzzle into the epicentre of what the man, the singer is trying to achieve, give it a few listens, it demands it. And when it all clicks in, trust me you will be checking the online tour dates.

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