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*Subplot Records*Subplot records LOGO
Label Sampler available now to all press & radio.
Label Launch tour commences Dec 1st 2009 go to
www.​subplotrecords.​com NOW!

The Music industry IS changing. Some see it as a significant demise; others see it as a natural Revolve. SubPlot Records isn’t claiming to be a groundbreaking new industry model. It’s not a revolutionary new concept: It’s an age-old tale of pulling together, taking things into your own hands and doing what you believe in.

Ireland, in the winter of 2009 seems a fitting time and place for the birth of a new Independent record label that will live and die by these principals. By paying homage to the very best of alternative music Ireland can produce, living or dying outside the bounds of the templates of the crumbling cultural monopoly known as the music industry. The result is a progressive, edgy, twenty-first century music label that utilizes and embraces the tools at hand – the online and the face to face, the physical and the digital, while establishing uncompromising principles.

Auxiliary to the mainstream -”SUBPLOT”- is a musician’s label whose purpose lies in being a platform for energetic, honest and simply explosive alternative rock bands. It is not the brainchild of industry veterans, but the brainchild of producers, musicians and fans that share a refreshing and respectful love of music.

*Subplot Records, to coincide with the launch, will be releasing content from it’s catalogue free of charge on subplotrecords.​com, which will go live in December. They will also be touring with the 3 label bands to launch the label around Ireland FINGERSMITH, LADYDOLL & STONE THROWING YOUTHS

Gig dates include:
Dec 4th in the Quad bar, Cork,
Dec 5th in Baker place Limerick,
Dec 7th in theTwisted Pepper Dublin,
Dec 8th in the Pavillion, Belfast.

*Record sampler Tracks include:
The initial 3-band roster is an unapologetic
Demonstration of intent & of things to come!

1.Fingersmith- “Freakshow”
2. Ladydoll-​“Honeybunny”
3. Stone Throwing Youths- “Too Much Information”

If you would like to attend any of the shows they are free in! no need for guest lists, just walk on in, get your free cd album sampler and listen to the MUSIC!

Online Links to Subplot: www.​subplotrecords.​com

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