How Elder Roche got his name.

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Elder RocheHow Elder Got his name: Elder went on a weekend retreat a number of years back. While there, he was shown how to meditate, astral travel, and how to connect with his spirit animal by a powerful Shaman guide. (By the way his spirit animals are a bear, and a salmon. But he couldn’t get either name to work on stage). “Part of the workshop was designed to get us to connect with our natural surrounds, to appreciate and find our own comfort zone in nature. We were in a beautiful wooded area; I found a gnarly old tree, twisted and bare, except for its upper branches that were flowering, with small black berries. I loved its shape, and I sat there for hours underneath it in the shade”. It was at that time that the shaman approached Carl and instinctively bent down and put his hand on his head and he said “ELDER”. Carl, so affected by this experience, then went home and looked up everything he could about the tree, and fell in love with stories of Celtic Spirituality and Lore that surrounds it. Now, we now know him as Elder and in his performances we can really get a grasp of the old story telling styles of ancient folk lore characters. It is said that those born under the Elder sign are able to live and prosper under any conditions. The year ahead for ELDER ROCHE will see this talented songwriter receive the acclaim this album simply demands.



ELDERS single DIAMOND is currently out NOW! on iTunes. And it’s brilliant. 

For tour dates please confer to the MySpace page

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