Aoife Scott releases The December Letter, feat. Grammy-winning banjo player Ron Block of Alison Krauss & Union Station. 

Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Aoife Scott releases a very special seasonal single, The December Letter Out Dec 14th, featuring Grammy-winning banjo player Ron Block of Alison Krauss & Union Station. 

It is Scott’s first release since she collaborated with her cousins Danny O’ Reilly (The Coronas) and Róisín O on the famous Irish ballad ‘Grace’, which went straight to #1 on the iTunes charts in March 2017. 

A member of the legendary Irish folk music family, The Black Family, Aoife Scott is an award-winning folk singer and songwriter who has steadily made a name for herself in traditional and folk music scenes around the world. Last year, her single “All Along the Wild Atlantic Way” hit the #1 spot on iTunes, knocking Ed Sheeran off the top. It was also named “Song of the Year” at the Irish Folk Music Awards in 2017.  

The recording features the superb banjo playing of fourteen-time Grammy award-winning American bluegrass star, Ron Block.He is a member of the bluegrass band Alison Krauss & Union Station, and he was featured on the multi-platinum soundtrack of the Coen Brothers’ ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou’, and can be seen playing the banjo in the 2000 film. A trailblazer in the American folk scene – His extraordinary career has seen him record with artists such as Dolly Parton and Brad Paisley while winning numerous Grammy and International Bluegrass awards.

Aoife Scott’s music has a broad creative scope that is mostly influenced by her roots in folk and traditional Irish music. Fragile and ethereal one minute and strong and vibrant the next, her dynamic and profound vocals explore the emotional depths of her lyrics, leaving the audience entranced. Scott’s most recent accolades in 2018 have seen her named Best Folk Act at the Irish Post Music Awards (IRE), as well as Emerging Artist of the Year at the Live Ireland Awards (US). 

Following the success of her debut album, “Carry the Day”, wherein the Irish Times quoted it as “richly layered impressive debut album” she has toured nearly non stop overseas over the span of 3 years, wherein she headlined folk and Irish festivals all over the world including; Milwaukee Irish Festival (US), Port Fairy Folk Festival (AU), and The National Folk Festival (AU).

The December Letter is a beautiful song written for a loved one who cannot be home for Christmas. It was penned by Scott’s partner and band member Andrew Meaney, who was inspired by his own experience of his sister being away for the Christmas period. The song is a heart-lifting sentiment sent out to all who have emigrated from Ireland, delivering memories with the binding warmth of a real Irish Christmas. 

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The Young’uns announce Irish dates plus new album “The Ballad Of Johnny Longstaff”

Release date: Dec 7th

Irish gig dates: 

Wed 30, Jan 2019

Thu 31, Jan 2019
BELFAST, UK The Strand Arts Centre

Teesside  trio  The  Young’uns  have  always  had  the  human  touch.  In  the  space  of  little  more  than  a  decade  –  and  just  five  years  after  giving  up  their  day  jobs  –  they  have  become  one  of  UK  folk  music’s  hottest  properties  and  best-loved  acts. 

Stockton  Folk  Club’s  star  graduates  clinched  the  BBC  Radio  2  Folk  Awards  ‘Best  Group’  title  two  years  running  (2015  and  2016)  and  the  last  years  have  seen  them  spreading  the  net,  taking  their  unique  act  and  instant  audience  rapport  to  Canada,  America  and  Australia. 

With  their  strong  songs,  spellbinding  harmonies  and  rapid  fire  humour,  they  have  achieved  one  of  the  trickiest  balancing  acts  –  an  ability  to  truly  ‘make  them  laugh  and  make  them  cry’,  while  cutting  straight  to  the  heart  of  some  of  our  most  topical  issues. 

In  2017,  they  unveiled  their  fourth  studio  album  Strangers  –  playing  their  strongest  suit  to  date.    Bold,  profound  and  resonant  it  showcased  the  growing  talents  of  Sean  Cooney,  fast  becoming  one  of  folk’s  finest  songwriters. 

Together  with  Michael  Hughes  and  David  Eagle,  Cooney  has  come  up  with  a  collection  of  folk  songs  for  our  time,  all  sensitively  arranged  by  the  30-something  trio  –  looking  back  at  wartime  heroes  here,  offering  a  news  report  for  the  21st  century  there,  turning  the  spotlight  on  injustice  and  ultimately  celebrating  the  indomitable  human  spirit. 

In  2018,  Strangers  was  crowned  ‘Best  Album’  at  the  BBC  Radio  2  Folk  Awards.  In  the  same  year,  The  Young’uns  produced  and  presented  a  new  and  unique  piece  of  modern  folk  theatre. The  Ballad  Of  Johnny  Longstaff  is  the  story  of  one  man’s  adventure  from  begging  on  the  streets  in  the  north  of  England  to  fighting  against  fascism  in  the  Spanish  Civil  War,  taking  in  The  Hunger  Marches  and  The  Cable  Street  Riots. 

It’s  a  timely,  touching  and  often  hilarious  musical  adventure  following  in  the  footsteps  of  one  working  class  hero  who  witnessed  some  of  the  momentous  events  of  the  1930s. 

With  their  trademark  harmony,  honesty  and  humour  the  Teesside  trio  bring  together  16  specially  composed  songs,  spoken  word,  striking  imagery  and  the  real  recorded  voice  of  Johnny  himself  to  tell  a  remarkable  human  story  oozing  with  modern  relevance.

‘Enthralling,  moving  and  hilarious…simply  the  best  thing  they’ve  done.’  Louder  than  War

“The  harmonies  are  glorious,  the  wit  is  waspish.  The  songs  are  powerful,  the  banter  is  relentless  and  the  audience  is  happy.  What’s  not  to  like? 

★★★★★The  Guardian 

“Glorious….celebrating  the  uncelebrated  with  warmth,  vigour  and  passion”  ★★★★MOJO 

“The  Teesside  trio  have  captured  hearts  –  and  awards  –  with  a  magic  combination  of  lusty  acapella  singing,  memorable  tunes  and  heart-on-sleeve  storytelling  with  an  unashamedly  political  cry  for  social  justice.”  ★★★★  Songlines

“Magnificent  –  destined  to  become  hailed  as  national  treasures  before  long”  ★★★★★Maverick

“Powerful,  inspiring  and  moving”  ★★★★★  RnR  Magazine

“A  heartfelt  secular  hymnary  for  these  troubled  times  and  a  rallying  call  for  humanity.”  ★★★★  The  Scotsman

“This  collection  surely  marks  Sean  Cooney’s  arrival  as  one  of  the  very  best  songwriters  of  the  modern  day”  Colin  Irwin,  fRoots 

‘Hugely  captivating-performing  with  great  verve  and  humour-  a  brilliant  folk  act’’  Stuart  Maconie,  BBC  6  Music

“Incredibly  moving  –  you  guys  are  life  enhancers”  –  Sean  Rafferty,  BBC  Radio  3





Dave Keuning, founding member and guitarist from The Killers, is debuting his own music with the release of his first single “Restless Legs” under the moniker Keuning. The assemblage of new music, created by Dave in his San Diego home studio, was taken from hundreds of voice memos that he stockpiled while on tour with The Killers over the last decade that evolved into songs. Keuning’s debut album Prismism will be released in January 2019 and is a collection of 14 tracks with almost all instruments played by Dave himself. To get a taste of Keuning’s debut single “Restless Legs” check out the music video below:


“The lyrics speak for themselves,” Dave says of the first single. “’Got restless legs/And a restless heart,’ that’s just what came pouring out of me. It was all I could think of… No other subjects came to mind. It was all I had. The beauty of the words is they’re open-ended enough that you can relate them to your own situation.”

More than 17 years have passed since Iowa transplant Dave Keuning placed an ad in the local Las Vegas Weekly looking to form a band, mentioning Oasis as one of his faves. An eager 20-year-old named Brandon Flowers, who shared Keuning’s love of groups like New Order and the Cure, answered it, only to have Dave promptly hand him a TASCAM-recorded four-track demo of “Mr. Brightside.” The result was the formation of The Killers, who have released five consecutive chart-topping albums and toured the world thanks to a songwriting partnership which molded such hits as “Somebody Told Me,” “When You Were Young,” “Read My Mind,” “A Dustland Fairy Tale,” “The World We Live In” and “Spaceman,” among others.

Burnt out from touring and wanting to spend more time with his 13-year-old son, Dave began taking musical ideas that he gathered over the years and worked on them in his home studio to turn each idea into a complete song. Prismism is the result, a collection of 14 tracks – with all the instruments, save some drum parts, played by Keuning himself – which, like the title says, sees things from all sides, focusing on details without missing the big picture, a Picasso’s-eye view of life’s Faustian bargains, Sophie’s choices and existential conundrums. Prismism examines our basic relationships and interactions, with family, friends and co-workers, how one can feel trapped by their surroundings, as well as those that rely on them, emotionally and/or professionally. The album is inspired by the very thing that brought him here in the first place – the music.

Combining both acoustic and electric guitars, as well as a longtime fascination with keyboards and electronic music – which he wasn’t able to explore as much as he would’ve liked in The Killers – Keuning has created a psychic diary that allows us to connect the dots and learn what brought him to a career crossroads. When he first began writing and recording, Keuning had no plans to sing, but finally decided to take the plunge.

“I never wanted to be the singer in The Killers,” he insists. “And I don’t care if people don’t believe me. I’ve definitely had those thoughts, but I can honestly tell you ever since I picked one up at 14, all I ever wanted to do was play the guitar.”

Dave is still actively sending in song ideas for the next Killers album, but also wonders if perhaps some of his new music will catch their ear. “But there’s no stopping me now. I’m going to pump out new music for the rest of my life, for audiences big or small, Killers or no Killers. Now that I’ve got a taste of how enjoyable this is.”

Prismism: it’s all how you look at it and listen to it, but one thing’s certain: Keuning’s here to stay.

Keuning Online:




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Maria Byrne announces “IN THIS CITY” Christmas Single

Release date: 7th December 
With the help of old friend and producer Karl Odlum (Ham Sandwich, The Frames, Fionn Regan et Al) Maria has written and recorded an original Christmas song ‘In This City’, set for release on the 7th December. 
This track is the follow up to her version of the Genesis classic ‘Follow You Follow Me’ as currently featured on the Bank of Ireland TV advert. The charm and buzz from ‘Follow You Follow Me’ is in every Irish household right now by those who hear it. And it is not just in Irish households, within the music industry from Uk and Ireland, recent accolades include high praise from Rte Radio 1’s John Creedon, BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, XFM’s John Kennedy, and BBC Radio 2’s Janice Long and Bob Harris who all collectively said that Maria’s voice is as ‘Beautiful’ as it is ‘Captivating’. It continues on that trait on new single ‘In This City’.

Penned about the annual visit home for many Irish people living abroad, Maria manages to successfully set the scene to the nostalgic reconnection we make with old friends at this time of year. ‘For me, I spent 12 years living in London and returning home every Christmas so I wanted to capture that feeling of familiarity and the romance of Ireland at Christmas time, like travelling back in time almost. That nostalgia the diaspora of Irish all know too well ‘

Maria began her musical journey when she moved to London in 2006. In 2009, she released her debut EP ‘All You Need’. This was followed in 2012 with LP ‘Little Basement’ and a mini album ‘Back To You’ in 2014. 

Maria’s songs have since made their way to national UK radio coverage thanks to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2, Huw Stephens and Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1 and in Ireland Alison Curtis on Today FM and John Creedon on RTE Radio 1.

Maria cites inspiration from Irish musical heroes such as Bell X1, Mark Geary and Gemma Hayes as well as Americana/Folk heroes Gillian Welch and John Prine.


JIMMYS COUSIN announces New Single and album penned for Spring 2019


‘I DO’ Single release: Nov 30th 2018
Taken from album ‘Waxwings’: Fri April 12th 2019

If Van Morrison and Paul Buchanan had a love child, it would be Jimmy’s Cousin. Irish born and schooled in New York with a detour into multiple careers across Europe, Jimmy’s Cousin has been 30 years in the making. His first demo was recorded in 1991 and yet his first album, ‘Waxwings’, sees the light of day next Spring! Why the long delay? He wanted to wait till he had something to say…

The album is produced by Dave Keary whose guitar playing and musical direction appears on records by acts such as Van Morrison, Gregory Porter, Taj Mahal, Roger Daltrey and Bobby Womack. Adding a deep vein of musical pedigree to the arrangement and realisation of the songs. ‘Waxwings’ is an ambitious, melodic, close to the bone and very personal, blend of Vocal Jazz which tells the genesis of a mans journey to find his personal identity and creative spirit spanning 30 years and numerous countries, loves lost and gained, careers and experiences all compacted into this stunning debut. Also playing on the album is Paul Moore (Bass) James Delaney (Piano), Des Lacey (Drums) Micheal Buckley (Brass) plus a host of others. The result is a close to bone and personal set of songs with an emotive and supportive soundscape with a reoccuring theme of love and self realisation.

As a teenager Jimmys Cousin loved Rimbaud’s poem “To know the dark”:
“To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.
To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,
and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,
and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.”

‘Waxwings’ is an album about acceptance of the risks associated with truly loving someone. It’s an album about the inevitability of loss, about flying into the darkness and touching the face of grief yet finding a new part of yourself on the other side. The first single to be released from the record is titled ‘I Do’ which is reelased Nov 30th 2018. It will precede a second single and the album next Spring.

Notes to editors: How did Jimmys Cousin come to fruition? He was raised in a small provincial town in Limerick, Ireland and had an older brother named Paul. Everywhere he went he was Paul’s brother. He was always following in his footsteps and had no identity of his own. Striking out for New York in the early 90’s, following the thousands within the Irish diaspora that came before him, he relished the thought of being his own person, with his own identity and moved initially, in with his american cousin Jimmy. He introduced him to all of his friends and of course everywhere he went in New York for the following few years he was known as…. Jimmy’s Cousin!

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Sean and Conor Price storm the Irish Charts on debut mini album release + Announce Dublin Show in December!

Brothers Sean and Conor Price just released their mini album ‘Dreamer’ which has stormed the charts and went straight in at #8 in the TOP 10 Irish National Charts. Sandwiched between the likes of George Ezra, Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa, they were the only Independent act to get in the Top charts that week!

They just announced  announced a Dublin date in The Helix on Dec 28th. Tickets are on sale now. BUY TICKETS HERE

Irish charts Nov 2nd 2018

The band had this to say: “What a feeling!!! We are number 8 in the Official Irish Charts! Thank you so much to everyone that streamed, bought and listened to DREAMER! To be the only independent artist in the top 50 let alone the top 10 is an unbelievable feeling!”

Sean (18) and his brother Conor (16) are from Blessington in County Wicklow and appeared on X Factor 2017. They started busking on Grafton Street in Dublin, famous for it’s busking, from the ages of 11 and 13 and shared their songs with the crowds. In 2016 the brothers released their debut EP called Change. There are four original songs on the EP, which went to number 9 in the Irish album charts. Their debut mini album just went straight in at #8 in the National Album charts in Ireland.

Their first audition on X Factor 2017 was in Edinburgh and they chose to sing Jimi Hendrix / Bob Dylan classic All Along the Watchtower. But it was not a straight cover – with the brothers bursting into a rap in between the famous chorus. The busking brothers blew away the judges with their modern rendition of All Along the Watchtower, complete with a funky rap. After a huge applause, Simon Cowell told the duo: “This is probably one of the best auditions we’ve had. I’m going to say something to you guys – I don’t want to change a single thing from what I saw and heard today.”

This audition has proved to be the 3rd most watch video on YouTube in Ireland during 2017. Their journey on the Live shows brought them through three rounds and then into the quarterfinals where they journey finished, earning them a spot in the top 10.

Since X Factor, Sean and Conor have released 3 singles: “Be Like You”, “Get Lost” and “Quit”, each reaching number 1 in the Irish iTunes Charts. Their new track ‘Obsession’ is the current radio single. 

Over the summer, Sean and Conor performed a SOLD OUT headline tour of Ireland in 10 of the most infamous venues including Dublin’s Vicar Street, The INEC Killarney, Millennium Forum in Derry and Ulster Hall in Belfast. In Oct and November they bring their Tour to the UK with shows in London and Manchester. They have just announced a Dublin date in The Helix on Dec 28th. Tickets are on sale now. BUY TICKETS HERE

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Instagram:  @sean_and_conor_price_music


Twitter: @sean_conorprice


Bernard Fitzpatrick announces details of his new single ‘Looking At Myself’

Bernard Fitzpatrick is delighted to announce his upcoming Single ‘Looking at Myself’ set to be released on Nov 23rd. There will be a launch gig the following day on Saturday 24th November at 9.00pm in Brú House, George St., Newbridge, Co Kildare. The link to buy tickets is HERE.

Check out the Music Video for the single below:

A versatile songwriter, Bernard released his first album – The Folk Songs – in 2012. It consisted of 10 songs in the Irish folk acoustic vein. In some of the songs of that album, one can already appreciate the influences which have come to fruition in the songs of the forthcoming album, of which Bernard’s first single, “Looking at Myself”, is an prime example. This current work is a unique mix of pop, classical, gypsy jazz and Spanish influences, which also reflects the origins of some of the members of the band.

The meaning behind the song is as follows: “When I met Erik, I had already started writing in this new style. His gypsy jazz background was perfect for it. Looking at Myself was one of the first songs I played to him and immediately he could identify with it musically. And so, it became the first song we really worked on together.

Without trying to be pretentious, as a songwriter one can feel removed from everyday life and – at the same time – very much a part of it, very much on the pulse of it. This song is about becoming more at ease with all of this, with who you are.

I guess that’s why it was important for me to have family and friends on the video. It was important to capture relationships that help you see yourself, be yourself. And to have all these people together in one place, at the same time… well, that was just the greatest fun!” – Bernard.

Bernard and band played their first gig in Spain where they headlined the launch of the Cabanyal Intim Theatre festival in Valencia. Their upcoming gig in Kildare will be an exciting night of musical fusions of Gypsy Jazz and Spanish influences with a Pop sensibility. A night not to be missed. 

Note to editors about the band:  Bernard Fitzpatrick is a singer songwriter from Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Erik Tuleja is a double bass player from Slovakia who lives in Newbridge. He is from a family of gypsy musicians. His musical background is gypsy jazz. Erik has been playing with Bernard for the last 4 years.

Azucena Bermúdez is Bernard’s partner and came on board during the recording of the single. She has since gigged with the band as a backing vocalist. She is from Spain.

Daire Wallace, from Naas, has recently come on board as a session musician. He is a classically trained pianist who has been playing professionally for the last decade. He is a versatile musician who plays in different music styles.

Alba Reirís will be playing with the band for the first time during the upcoming launch of the single. She is a professional, classically trained cellist from Spain who recently moved to Ireland with her partner Spyros Fakiolas (see below). She has ample experience playing in orchestras, duos and trios.

Spyros Fakiolas – Alba’s partner – will also be playing for the first time with the band during the upcoming launch of the single. He is a classically trained clarinet player and often tours with Alba. He is from Greece.


Lost Boys announce new Single ‘Over and Over’ set to be released Nov 23rd.




‘Over and Over” OUT NOV 23rd

Lost boys consists of Peadar Storey on Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar, Patrick O’Donnell on Lead Guitar/Drums and Peter Corbett on Bass. The three students are respectively studying Music and English in both UCC and UL and have years of experience in the Irish music scene playing across the country. Formally of established Limerick group, A Weekend Away, the trio decided to move on to their newest project with the goal of making more modern indie pop sounds. 

Having spent the last 4 months preparing a number of singles at Red Lake Studios, Portlaoise, with Producer Gary Duncan, the group are ready to hit the ground running with their first single Over & Over which is penned for release on Nov 23rd. The band cite modern local and international Influences such as The Academic, All Tvvins, Muse and Royal Blood. 

What is the song about? : This song to meaning is about the strange collage of assorted images that life can become after the end of a relationship. There’s an obvious want to get back together but at the same time you know exactly why you broke up and you know it won’t get any better a second time round. You start to fixate on smaller things, ‘we used to eat pastry together’, ‘you always counted my drinks’ etc. And it always comes back to these small things, (over and over if you will) regardless of whether you get back together or not you get back together, they become a fixation in that period. There’s also the paranoia as to whether or not the other person is going through the the same thing “I don’t think you thought about it”.

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Keeva announces new EP ‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’ – Out October 26, 2018









New Single ‘The Kindest Thing’ Out Now!

Taken From her Debut EP ‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’ – Out October 26, 2018

Keeva’s thoughtfully paced vocal is at once low and intimate, yet full-blown and open The Line of Best Fit

Keeva releases her new single on Oct 19th ‘The Kindest Thing’, the first track to be lifted from her upcoming debut EP, ‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’, due out October 26, 2018. The new single – produced by Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers, SOAK) – is accompanied by B-side, ‘Pieces’ and follows shows earlier this year at The Great Escape, Kansas Smitty’s and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Stream ‘The Kindest Thing’ here:

For London-based, half-Jordanian half-Irish Keeva, ’The Kindest Thing’ sprang from the rawest of betrayals, following the end of a long-term relationship dominated by infidelities. “When it ended,” says Keeva; “I realised the kindest thing he ever did for me was to leave. It’s a very reflective song and I feel pain and sadness for my past self who lived through that, as I’m sure many others can relate to. Thankfully the pain has subsided and I’m in a far better place now.” The bruised source material is tempered with a self-aware sense of humour – Keeva shrugs off the writing of ‘The Kindest Thing’ in a single voice memo whilst lying on her bathroom floor as “The single most stereotypically heartbroken thing I’ve ever said! But to write the song was necessary, cathartic, and I’m very happy with how it all came together in the studio.”

Emerging with ‘Whiskey’ in late 2017, Keeva’s sound is borne out in the truly timeless quality of ‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’. Inspired by several generations of poets, playwrights and musicians in her own family – Keeva’s debut EP is vulnerable, assured, warm and unashamedly honest.

‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’

  1. Pieces
  2. The Kindest Thing
  3. How Do I Tell You
  4. Desired Plan
  5. If I Hadn’t Met You At All

Keeva will be special guest on Katie Melua’s upcoming European Tour:

For more information please contact:

Linda @ Good Seed PR //

linda (at)  

Áine Tyrrell announces new song “Row Back The Levy” Out Fri Nov 9th

Creativity comes through in the most beautiful ways and you can’t always trace the lineage of where a song comes from or where it ends up, but you can follow the threads that tie it all together.

There was a conversation between two Irish singer-songwriters based in Australia; Áine Tyrrell from the Republic of Ireland and Cara Robinson (Hat Fitz & Cara) from Northern Ireland. The conversation edged around the different versions of being Irish that being from two sides of the border meant to both of them and the generations of strife that that identity continues to cause.

The shared and unshared experiences and the distance from home helped each other see things in different lights. Their chat softly spun around to the lost generation of young boys having no foundation or true knowledge of where they came from and at times what they are even still fighting for. Like these two women who emigrated from Ireland, so many of these young boys fled Ireland never to return and both touring artists meet many of these stories of Irish emigrants as they travel the world. They dreamed of a homecoming for these boys and how coming home is a brave and nurturing experience. ‘Row Back The Levy’ is a wish for a healing for these generations of boys, which is a universal wish for so many war torn countries.

There were more threads after that first conversation that finally wound themselves to this finished song. There was an infamous iPhone recording of Cara Robinson’s middle of the night inspiration with a recording of the chorus that she then passed onto Áine saying, “A song came through to me, but it’s for you.” There was the death of Martin McGuinness a key figure in the Northern Ireland peace process and all the history and emotions that stirred up in both of them and their shared grieving from abroad.

There were the many discussions around Cara and Áine’s own planned tours and trips home to Ireland and the sisterhood their shared experience in Australia brought. There was the seaside village of Kilmuckridge in Wexford when Áine landed home in Ireland to record her album that finally gave her the push to reach for Cara’s iPhone recording. It was in the small seaside village of Clogherhead in Louth as close to the border of Northern Ireland as their recording sessions for “Return To The Sea” brought them, that the inspiration to finish the song came to Áine.

The addition of the powerfully haunting voice of Liam O’Maonlaí to the recording of the song, incidentally happened in the house that Áine was born in in County Clare, as close to a homecoming as one was to find for this song. And the final thread was to add the co-writer of this song, Cara Robinson’s powerful vocal when they both returned to Australia and the song had finally come full circle. The second offering from “Return To The Sea”, Row Back The Levy out Nov 9th 2018 across all digital platforms.