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Irish band JIGGY rocket into the World Music Charts and will perform on the Late Late Show (RTE) this Friday 22nd September.

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Irish band JIGGY rocket into the World Music Charts and will perform on the Late Late Show (RTE) this Friday 22nd September.

Irish band Jiggy just entered the World Music Charts and have taken the internet by storm with their new video ‘Silent Place’ celebrating the global togetherness of dance.
Jiggy released their new video on Thursday the 14th of September and to date it has clocked up more than 12 million views and over 250,000 unique shares online. This has introduced the band to a brand new audience worldwide and their debut album Translate is currently at number 1 in the Irish world music charts and number 2 in United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom.

The Late Late Show has invited Jiggy to perform this Friday and audiences can expect a thrilling live version of their viral hit Silent Place.

Jiggy’s fusion of Irish traditional music, world rhythms, and cutting-edge dance grooves have proved a massive hit with festival audiences throughout the country. Says Robbie Harris from the band:  “let’s get the world dancing… all ages, all cultures!”
Translate, their new album, is available on all online digital stores.

PUGWASH announce new album ‘Silverlake’

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New album: Silverlake & Single: The Perfect Summer

 If Brit Awards were handed out to Best Kept Secrets or Lamentably Lost Legends, Pugwash wouldn’t be able to move under the weight of their gongs. In the 20 years since the Irish band was formed by Thomas Walsh – an ELO, XTC and Beach Boys nut from Drimnagh, south Dublin – their reputation has grown by stealth and they’ve caught the attention of almost all of Walsh’s musical heroes, but mainstream success has remained frustratingly, tantalisingly just out of reach.

Well if it’s ever going to happen, it’s now, with the release of their seventh studio album Silverlake. It’s not only Thomas’s best body of work to date, but an album which leaves you marvelling at how effortlessly he can conjure up so many heavenly pop gems after all these years.

“I still live in a small house with nine guitars, a Dansette, a telly and a fuckin’ mellotron,” says Walsh. “I collect records and live hand-to-mouth. We’ve made some great records but most of them have gone nowhere.”

Silverlake differs from recent Pugwash albums in one major respect: it’s essentially a collaboration between two men – Thomas and Jason Falkner. (The four-piece who recorded 2011’s Top 20 The Olympus Sound and 2015’s Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) has now disbanded). As a former member of Jellyfish, respected solo artist, and musician, Falkner – who’s worked with everyone from Paul McCartney to Air – is another underrated artist with a hugely loyal international following. For fans of these two cult heroes (and there are plenty) this promised to be a dream ticket…and it delivers in droves.

Recorded in Falkner’s LA studio earlier this year, Thomas wrote all 11 songs, arranged them, and played acoustic guitar. Jason played everything else (except the strings), sang backing vocals and recorded/produced. The result is a classy pop-rock feast featuring Walsh’s endlessly hooky melodies and Falkner’s unmistakeable sonic footprint.

“I’ve known Jason for twenty years, so I rang him last Christmas and asked him what his next year was looking like,” Thomas reveals. “He said, ‘It’s fuckin’ full up, but if you’re saying to me we can make a record, I’ll make time.’ That was an amazing thing to hear. The minute I heard that I was hooked. I got excited again. Within a week I’d written all the songs.”

Opening with the irresistible single “The Perfect Summer” and closing with the Beach Boys/ELO homage “Autarch”, Silverlake wears its collaborators’ passion for pop perfection on its sleeve which, at the very least, will consolidate Pugwash’s standing in the eyes of those Thomas most admires.

In 2006 Brian Wilson’s manager David Leaf emailed him out of the blue, mentioning Brian loved the band’s recent single “It’s Nice To Be Nice”. “Brian was coming to Dublin to play and wanted to meet me…meet me!!” Thomas recalls. “He came and I met Brian. He said ‘Hey! You’re the “Nice To Be Nice” guy. I said ‘yes’ and he just said, ‘great song’!! I still think it was all a fantastic dream to honest.”

In the meantime, other ‘celebrity’ admirers got in touch, including XTC’s Andy Partridge who briefly signed Pugwash to his Ape label and co-wrote several songs with Walsh (XTC’s Dave Gregory also played guitar on some of the band’s earlier recordings), The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon – with whom he made two best-selling Duckworth Lewis Method albums – and Jeff Lynne.

“I arrived home late one night after an Olympus Sound session, knackered, to find a letter from the States,” Thomas recalls. “I nearly dropped when I realised it was from Jeff Lynne. I grew up worshipping ELO – I could tell you how many hairs there are on Jeff Lynne’s arse. He’s my idol. It was such a beautiful letter in which he said a lot of really nice things about Pugwash. He also said… ‘and I really liked the cricket album (ie, the first Duckworth Lewis album), but I didn’t think it featured you enough’. So I rang Neil straight away and said, ‘Neil, Jeff just sent me a fuckin’ letter. He’s slagging you and all in it, it’s brilliant!”

After two decades Thomas has little to prove. Despite certain disappointments, he’s received great acclaim from where it counts – his peers and equals, plus Ivor Novello, Choice Music Prize and Meteor Awards nominations, and two Top 40 albums (with The Duckworth Lewis Method). The only way is up!

As Thomas concludes: “Some people have suggested, ‘Oh why don’t you change the sound of your music?’ But…I love the sound of my records! They ask if I would try something different. I could, but you can’t go out there and make a record just to please other people.” – Chris Twomey.

Silverlake by Pugwash will be released by British indie label Lojinx on November 24th, on heavyweight vinyl LP, CD & digital. Lead single The Perfect Summer is out now on ice-cream swirl coloured 7” vinyl and digital.

Upcoming live shows:

  • 4/12 – Cork Opera House (supporting Divine Comedy)
  • 5/12 – University Convert Hall, Limerick House (supporting Divine Comedy)
  • 6/12 – Millennium Forum, Derry (supporting Divine Comedy)
  • 7/12 – Ulster Hall, Belfast (supporting Divine Comedy)
  • 8/12 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin (supporting Divine Comedy)
  • 9/12 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin (supporting Divine Comedy) | | |

Phil Cosby announces new EP

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Alternative-pop artist Phil Cosby Announces retro-futuristic EP ‘Blue Daze’ this October

Rising Irish alternative-pop artist Phil Cosby is pleased to announce details of his new EP ‘Blue Daze’ on 20th October.

‘Blue Daze’, a breathtakingly emotive record, sees Cosby effortlessly drawing on late 70s/ early 80s youth nostalgia, resulting in a truly immersive soundscape. Collectively the five tracks juxtapose themes of hope and loss over powerful, melodic rhythms. He details the EP: “I took inspiration from the Tangerine Dream track – Love On A Real Train, heard in the 80s movie Risky Business. The track’s evocative and unique quality sparked my interest in nostalgia, and the idea that this emotion in music, might be more than just a ‘time and place’ association personal to the listener – that certain music has in itself a nostalgic quality.”

With the influence of retro-futurism, ‘Blue Daze’ was conceptualised in a sci-fi realm. The intention is to hinge the journey around two big tracks, ‘Star Rider’ and ‘The Days We Were Young’. The former, with a Can vibe, and the latter with a dream pop feel. To accomplish this, two drummers of very different styles were used for the respective tracks. Malcolm Catto (DJ Shadow, Floating Points) and Martyn Barker (Goldfrapp, Robert Plant, Beth Gibbons). The aim was for these two tracks to juxtapose each other, yet sit perfectly together in the piece as a whole.

Cosby’s self-produced debut album ‘The Deal’ was released in 2014. It journeys from broken down, one man and his guitar, to orchestral arrangements and psychedelic inflections. Notable contributors to the album include mercury prize nominee Jon Hopkins. The record was mixed by studio legend Phil Brown whose CV includes The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie. It was most specifically Brown’s work with Talk Talk and John Martyn that led Cosby to work with him. The Deal’s release was followed by an extensive tour of Ireland culminating at Electric Picnic Festival.

For the recording of ‘Blue Daze’, Cosby assembled a band of notable musicians. On bass – Simon Edwards (Talk Talk), keys – Mikey Rowe (David Gilmour), on drums – Malcolm Catto (DJ Shadow, Floating Points) and Martyn Barker (Goldfrapp). The album was engineered by Phill Brown (Talk Talk, John Martyn), and mixed by Malcolm Catto of The Heliocentrics, at his vintage analogue studio – Quatermass Sound Lab, in Dalston, London. ‘Blue Daze’ has been mastered and cut for vinyl by John Dent (PJ Harvey, Portishead).

Tracklist: 1. Mem#01   2. Star Rider   3. Mirari   4. The Crash   5. The Days We Were Young






Blue Daze is available for pre order on Bandcamp. Link

Eleanor McEvoy’s new album The Thomas Moore Project racks up over 1 million listeners in audience reach

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Well done to , her album The Thomas Moore Project has racked up over 1 Million listeners in audience reach across Irish radio. Along with being ‘Album of the week’ on Rte Radio 1, one of the most highly coveted accolades on Irish Radio.


The album marks a significant first step in Eleanor’s lifelong journey discovering the wonderful songs and extraordinary life of Thomas Moore. Produced and arranged by Eleanor, who is best known for her songs ‘Sophie’ and the Irish standard ‘Only A Woman’s Heart’, which this year celebrates its 25thanniversary, the album more than pays homage to one of the Georgian era’s most beloved writers and entertainers. The Thomas Moore Project celebrates and revitalises some of the lesser and indeed well known material by the said luminary such as Oft In The Stilly NightThe Minstrel Boy and The Harp That Once Through Tara’s Halls.

Now critically acclaimed, it is available on all online platforms and in stores Nationwide.

“……Eleanor McEvoy should be praised for these thoughtful reimaginings which re-establish the relevance of one of Ireland’s most important, yet most besmirched, national artists”. -Peter McGoran HOT PRESS

Eleanor McEvoy soft-rock refashioning of Thomas Moore’s iconic ballads Eleanor McEvoy delivers a kind of defiant melancholy on her interpretation of Thomas Moore’s songs………….” Paddy Kehoe RTE ENTS REVIEW

“………So, not an album for instant gratification, but The Thomas Moore Project rewards repeated plays, and may well prove to be one of Eleanor McEvoy’s most enduring works”. ****
Review by Pete Whalley GET READY TO ROCK

“….Her demilitarisation of The Minstrel Boy, along with the delicacy of At The Mid Hour of Night are highlights in what is a highly evocative and cohesive collection that may win Moore an entirely new audience.” Siobhán Long IRISH TIMES THE TICKET

“Come Send Round The Wine is a playful, piano-led romp and Though Humble the Banquet gets a loose, jazzy rendering, but the country twang of The Harp That Once Through Tara’s Hall is jarring. Still, McEvoy’s theatrical voice and her clear fondness for the source material are engaging” – Lauren Murphy The Sunday Times

Cado reveals new music video

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…reveals new music video: SATISFY MY SOUL:


Having been born half a century too late in 1990, Cado is a modern rock and roll artist with an obsession for music of the past! After stealing a Beatles’ album from a record shop aged 10, he was inspired to make music for people to dance to.

Cado, who grew up in County Kildare, Ireland, was mesmerised at an early age by the sound of The Beatles and Chuck Berry and from then commenced a lifelong obsession with music! His father would perform Johnny B. Goode to him, and when he heard the hard hitting opening riff featured in back to the future at age 11, he did not hesitate to pick up a guitar and has rarely put it down since!

The multi instrumentalist has toured the UK and Ireland with The Shades and in early 2016 he began recording a collection of songs inspired by the music he adores. In August 2016 he released the “Take Me Back” EP. The singer-songwriter takes a completely DIY approach, self recording and mixing everything in his personal studio. Every instrument is performed by Cado allowing him make music that he truly loves.

Cado spent late 2016 and early 2017 recording his latest EP in a DIY studio in his hometown of Naas. The first single and title track “Satisfy My Soul” is out now. Mixed by Martin Quinn (The Strypes, Heroes In Hiding) and mastered by Pete Maher, (U2, Jack White) “Satisfy My Soul is now available to stream and buy from all online music stores and streaming services.

Online Links:

Áine Tyrrell impresses listeners on Rte Radio 1

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Áine Tyrrell came into studio (August 16th) on Today With Sean O’Rourke to perform her song “Tracks In My Heart”. Áine will be performing at this year’s Electric Picnic.

Áine Tyrrell‘s remaining dates in Ireland are as follows, make sure you experience a little bit of the magic too:

Áine Tyrrell Bar Square Ballina
Fri, Aug 18 @ 10:00 PM Ballina, Co Mayo

Áine Tyrrell (trio) at Spirit Store Dundalk
Thu, Aug 24 @ 8:00 PM Spirit Store, Dundalk, Co Louth

Áine Tyrrell at Roisin Dubh
Sat, Aug 26 @ 8:00 PM Roisin Dubh, Galway,

Áine Tyrrell (trio) at Whelan’s
Thu, Aug 31 @ 8:00 PM Whelan’s, Dublin, Ireland

Áine Tyrrell (trio) @ Electric Picnic
Sat, Sep 2 @ 5:00 PM Stradbally, Co Meath Ireland

Ivan Nicolas announces new single ‘Moving On’

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Photographed in Dublin by Dara Munnis. @daramunnis.


Gig: Bello Bar, Dublin, Aug 25th

Irish Singer-songwriter Ivan Nicolas started out as a drummer in a blues band and then progressed to guitar and piano, cutting his teeth with his mentor Philip Donnelly. Philip was a session musician for Johnny Cash and was a frequent luminary with Johnny Cash, The Everly Brothers, John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt, Donovan, and many others on the Nashville circuit and also wrote songs for John Prine. During Ivan’s time touring with Philip and being mentored by him, he learned the craft of performance and what it was to write something real and something special.

After honing his craft, Ivan decided to move to Kerry, where he wrote his first song a few years previous, to live on the side of a mountain for a year in solitude working on writing his debut album. Living with such open space around him helped sculpt his personal process of loss and love on many levels. Weaving songs into a great tapestry drawing from personal experiences such as the loss of a friend and intimate trials and tribulations of human relationships.

His debut album was recorded in Grouse Lodge studios with acclaimed producer Dani Castelar (Paolo Nutini, REM, Michael Jackson). Ivan released his first single ‘For The Weekend’ in April 2017, to much acclaim and reaction from 98fm to Radio Kerry and the highly sought after BBC Introducing. Ivan has played many a stage and venue including The Electric Picnic. Ivan’s next single ‘Moving On’ will be released on the 25th of August with a single launch party in Bello Bar, Dublin on the same night.

Social Media Links:


Linda Em BBC Radio Ulster Session

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Linda Em dropped into our friends at BBC radio Ulster over the weekend and did this rendition of her song STORIES, check it out here. We’d say it is pretty darn wow, wouldn’t you agree?

Linda Em is a London based roots singer-songwriter who hasn’t forgotten her Irish roots with Celtic shades running throughout her music. As well as classic Woodstock era songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Kris Kristofferson and Melanie Linda’s lyrical narrative is heavily influenced by the authors, poets, playwrights and artists that inform the strong storytelling aspect of her songwriting. The subject matter of her songs runs the gamut from myths and legends, the inspirational figures she has known in her own life and the battered but noble occupants of the typical ‘old man’s pubs’ of pre-hipster East London and such is the case with new singles ‘Buccaneer’ and ‘Stories’ which are out now.

The feedback on ‘Stories’ is certainly an optimistic one; celebrated Irish DJ Roddie Cleere (KCLRFM) said “it feels like it is a song from the 60’s folk scene”… while DCFM’s Mick Hanley said it was a “brilliant” tune! Radio Kerry also gave it the thumbs up as have uRadio & BBC Radio Ulster. Linda’s clear, warm, sultry vocal draws the listener into her musical story telling. What‘s unique is the extraordinary mix of influences that create Linda’s original Roots sound. There is certainly folk (revisited from a present-day London / Irish cultural perspective) but also with a bit of rock, front porch blues, torch song and even a hint of ska and trip-hop if you listen closely enough. The production of her songs takes you back to the 1960s and 1970s but with a modern day, eclectic feel.


Áine Tyrrell announces new Single, Music Video, a collaboration with Glenn Hansard and Irish Tour dates!

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She may be one of our most prolific artists, but Australian-based Irish singer Áine Tyrrell is showing no signs of letting up, announcing the release of a new EP, another tour and a special collaboration with internationally acclaimed songwriter Glen Hansard.

Having only just finished touring off the back of her debut Queen of Swords album, Áine is gearing up for the August release of her latest EP Fledgling Fall, featuring first single ‘Don’t Be Left Crying’ which will be out July 28th. While the new music retains a connection with her traditional folk roots, it also finds Áine branching out – finding new sounds and a new way to tell her stories.

Part of that growth has been her recent collaboration with the multi-award winning Hansard, who met Áine on his sell out Australian tour in 2016. Not only have the two worked together on this batch of songs, but also Áine will travel to Ireland later this year to record with Hansard and members of his much-loved band The Frames.

“It has been such an amazing opportunity for me to work with one of my songwriting heroes,” Áine says. “He is a warrior of poetry and people. I feel blessed to have made such an inspiring friend and kindred spirit musically and being able to bounce ideas and share songs with him has been phenomenal for my songwriting and my soul.”

Never one to shy away from spilling blood onto paper, Áine had intended that Don’t Be Left Crying, an elegant yet seductively psychedelic folk song, to be one of those little mantras she had written just for herself. But her long time creative partner in crime, producer, Mark Stanley and Hansard thought the song was destined for more.

 “While most songs start off as personal, as this one did with my own heartbreak after a break-up, what makes a song powerful is when you can make the personal universal,” says Áine. “This is where Glen and I agreed to serve the song. He added in some words that could have come straight from my heart or anyone. That is the beauty of song crafting.”

Check out the Exclusive ‘One take’ Video for “Don’t Be Left Crying”:

Says Áine of the song and video: “At the heart of Don’t Be Left crying is a story of addiction. I have lost many loved ones along the way and seen and personally felt the destruction of relationships due to life’s little vices. Whilst the song is a song of heartbreak for me personally it is also the tale of the degradation of a relationship over time. At the heart of what I was writing was how the various addictions we have in life take us all away from truly being present to ourselves and the people around us. They are a silent wall. And we are all really only one drink, one hit, one smoke away from being trapped inside our own walls and destroying what we love so dearly”.

Online Links:

Aine Tyrrell Ireland Tour Dates

August 5th – Dublin Blues and Roots Festival, Dublin

August 11th – Killary Fjord Sessions, Killary Fjord, Co Galway  * Supporting Declan O’Rourke

August 15th – Summer Concerts at The Dolphin, Inishbofin Island, Co. Galway * Supporting Declan O’Rourke

August 18th – – Bar Square, Ballina, Co. Mayo * Supporting Declan O’Rourke

August 24th – Spirit Store, Dundalk

August 26th Roisin Dubh, Galway, Co. Galway

August 31st Whelans, Dublin

September 2nd Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Co Laois

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