Keeva announces new EP ‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’ – Out October 26, 2018









New Single ‘The Kindest Thing’ Out Now!

Taken From her Debut EP ‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’ – Out October 26, 2018

Keeva’s thoughtfully paced vocal is at once low and intimate, yet full-blown and open The Line of Best Fit

Keeva releases her new single on Oct 19th ‘The Kindest Thing’, the first track to be lifted from her upcoming debut EP, ‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’, due out October 26, 2018. The new single – produced by Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers, SOAK) – is accompanied by B-side, ‘Pieces’ and follows shows earlier this year at The Great Escape, Kansas Smitty’s and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Stream ‘The Kindest Thing’ here:

For London-based, half-Jordanian half-Irish Keeva, ’The Kindest Thing’ sprang from the rawest of betrayals, following the end of a long-term relationship dominated by infidelities. “When it ended,” says Keeva; “I realised the kindest thing he ever did for me was to leave. It’s a very reflective song and I feel pain and sadness for my past self who lived through that, as I’m sure many others can relate to. Thankfully the pain has subsided and I’m in a far better place now.” The bruised source material is tempered with a self-aware sense of humour – Keeva shrugs off the writing of ‘The Kindest Thing’ in a single voice memo whilst lying on her bathroom floor as “The single most stereotypically heartbroken thing I’ve ever said! But to write the song was necessary, cathartic, and I’m very happy with how it all came together in the studio.”

Emerging with ‘Whiskey’ in late 2017, Keeva’s sound is borne out in the truly timeless quality of ‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’. Inspired by several generations of poets, playwrights and musicians in her own family – Keeva’s debut EP is vulnerable, assured, warm and unashamedly honest.

‘Four Sad Songs and a Ballad’

  1. Pieces
  2. The Kindest Thing
  3. How Do I Tell You
  4. Desired Plan
  5. If I Hadn’t Met You At All

Keeva will be special guest on Katie Melua’s upcoming European Tour:

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Áine Tyrrell announces new song “Row Back The Levy” Out Fri Nov 9th

Creativity comes through in the most beautiful ways and you can’t always trace the lineage of where a song comes from or where it ends up, but you can follow the threads that tie it all together.

There was a conversation between two Irish singer-songwriters based in Australia; Áine Tyrrell from the Republic of Ireland and Cara Robinson (Hat Fitz & Cara) from Northern Ireland. The conversation edged around the different versions of being Irish that being from two sides of the border meant to both of them and the generations of strife that that identity continues to cause.

The shared and unshared experiences and the distance from home helped each other see things in different lights. Their chat softly spun around to the lost generation of young boys having no foundation or true knowledge of where they came from and at times what they are even still fighting for. Like these two women who emigrated from Ireland, so many of these young boys fled Ireland never to return and both touring artists meet many of these stories of Irish emigrants as they travel the world. They dreamed of a homecoming for these boys and how coming home is a brave and nurturing experience. ‘Row Back The Levy’ is a wish for a healing for these generations of boys, which is a universal wish for so many war torn countries.

There were more threads after that first conversation that finally wound themselves to this finished song. There was an infamous iPhone recording of Cara Robinson’s middle of the night inspiration with a recording of the chorus that she then passed onto Áine saying, “A song came through to me, but it’s for you.” There was the death of Martin McGuinness a key figure in the Northern Ireland peace process and all the history and emotions that stirred up in both of them and their shared grieving from abroad.

There were the many discussions around Cara and Áine’s own planned tours and trips home to Ireland and the sisterhood their shared experience in Australia brought. There was the seaside village of Kilmuckridge in Wexford when Áine landed home in Ireland to record her album that finally gave her the push to reach for Cara’s iPhone recording. It was in the small seaside village of Clogherhead in Louth as close to the border of Northern Ireland as their recording sessions for “Return To The Sea” brought them, that the inspiration to finish the song came to Áine.

The addition of the powerfully haunting voice of Liam O’Maonlaí to the recording of the song, incidentally happened in the house that Áine was born in in County Clare, as close to a homecoming as one was to find for this song. And the final thread was to add the co-writer of this song, Cara Robinson’s powerful vocal when they both returned to Australia and the song had finally come full circle. The second offering from “Return To The Sea”, Row Back The Levy out Nov 9th 2018 across all digital platforms.



On Friday 9th of November, Cork singer-songwriter Clare O’Riordan will digitally release her charity single ‘On The Streets’ across all digital platforms for Cork Simon Community. There will also be a launch gig to follow, on Saturday the 24th November at 9.30pm in An Spailpín Fánach, Cork City.  All proceeds from the sale of the digital downloads and from the fundraiser gig will go directly to Cork Simon Community.

The song ‘On the Streets’ forms part of a collection of Clare’s dramatic new music she recorded in the States with producer Jon Evans of Brick Hill Studios, Orleans, Massachusetts, USA. Described by Clare as a meditation on homelessness, the song is conversely uplifting as it reflects on the value of human dignity and advocates empathy for those who suffer amongst us on our streets. With a soaring vocal, reminiscent at times of Janis Joplin, Clare gives a powerful voice to the unspoken thoughts and feelings a homeless person may have. “My world is breaking is the love you are making not going to save a soul like me / I lying here shaking in the time you’re not taking and so our world will be, hiding empathy” (Lyrics, ‘On the Streets’).

Speaking about her new single Clare said: I’m delighted to be able to help Cork Simon Community raise funds for homelessness in Cork and hope that my song ‘On the Streets’ will further enhance more awareness of this pressing issue. I was inspired to write this song after I saw an elderly homeless man on the streets of Cork city. His image and vulnerability stayed with me and as I wondered about his life story and what he might say this song came to me.”

Following Clare’s 2014 “exquisite debut Shelter” (Colm O’Hare, Hot Press) Clare is set to release her new album Outside early next year which will include the single ‘On the Streets’. Speaking about her new music, Clare said: “Capturing the energy and passion of a live performance and broadening my musical sound was central to my approach. Like ‘On the Streets’ the songs can be haunting yet joyous, intense yet playful, passionate yet sensuous. They are songs that examine the polar opposites of life with cinematic clarity and beauty.”

‘On The Streets’ the new charity single release is available in digital format from iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon and from her website store from Friday the 9th of November 2018.


Fb: clareoriordanmusic                       

T: @clareoriordan1


Eleanor McEvoy announces her new single “Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms”

Eleanor McEvoy announces her new single “Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms” from her album ‘The Thomas Moore Project’,   to be released Oct 26th 2018.


*Saturday. 20 October Nenagh Arts Centre, Banba Square, Nenagh,  Tipperary

*Saturday 27 October Tradition Now ‘Freedom doesn’t Fall from the Sky. In association with Fair Plé. National Concert Hall,  Dublin


Produced and arranged by McEvoy, who is best known for her songs ‘Sophie’ and the Irish standard ‘Only A Woman’s Heart’, The Thomas Moore Project pays more than homage to this most celebrated 18/19th century Irish poet, singer, songwriter and entertainer (a most colourful Georgian character infamous for being a party to the burning of Lord Byron’s memoirs after his death).

Eleanor said, “The Thomas Moore Project is the first significant step in my long journey to discover the wonderful songs and extraordinary life of Thomas Moore. I’m not sure when I began my intriguing quest but I do remember singing Thomas Moore songs in a choir when I was around nine years of age.

“My fascination is not just with his music but also with his own place in history in a fantastic artistic period with contrasting a social and political upheaval in Europe and Ireland. My journey continues. I hope you will enjoy this and join me. My approach is maybe different; I needed to go further than just pay homage, so my arrangements for this choice of eleven songs are, I think, contemporary.” 

Eleanor performs vocals, guitars, strings and keyboards on the album and recruited Damon Butcher from The Beautiful South on keyboards, Eamonn Nolan from The RTE Concert Orchestra on flugelhorn, Eoghan O ‘Neill from Moving Hearts, Chris Rea and Riverdance on bass and Guy Rickerby from Riverdance, Duke Special and The RTE Concert Orchestra on drums and percussion. The musicianship on the album echoes throughout every verse and chorus along with McEvoy’s rich, lilting voice and beautiful playing. 

Now based in Wexford, Dublin-born McEvoy’s career originally started as a session musician, which included a long stint with The Irish National Symphony Orchestra and with The Mary Black Band McEvoy decided to develop her own career, and quickly had the title track on The Woman’s Heart compilation and a U.S. record deal with Geffen Records.

McEvoy was soon touring the world to promote her eponymous debut album for Geffen, which went on to sell 250,000 copies. At the same time, ‘A Woman’s Heart’ entered the Irish charts, selling over 750,000 copies – and remains one of Ireland’s biggest selling albums of all-time. These successes established McEvoy as one of Ireland’s biggest stars, launching a career that has since seen her release twelve studio albums and tour the world. 

Described by BBC Radio 2 as “one of the few artists who can do no wrong whatsoever”, McEvoy has been on the road for two years with her show ‘Naked…Live’ and this year has gone from being a long-time board member of IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation) to being its Chairman. 

Lasairfhíona de Brún to release magical music video and song ‘Fan Liom’

Lasairfhíona de Brún (pronounced loss-or-ee-ona, the fh is silent) announces the release of ‘Fan Liom’ (Meaning ‘Stay with me’) which is an Irish song about finding love and staying together. Release date Oct 26th . The piece was written as an Irish entry to the Eurovision and came 2nd place to represent Ireland. The piece of music was then commissioned and produced by Sean de Brún to be adapted into a short film/music video. The song was recorded with Cork Youth Orchestra. A short film / music video featuring Lasairfhíona singing this song, was produced by Dog Day Media.

14 year old Lasairfhíona is a multifaceted actress, performer and musician. She plays violin and guitar. She performed in The Cork Opera House, playing the lead role of Annie in the professional production of Annie in 2017. She sang solo with Cork Youth Orchestra in their Christmas Concert, in City Hall Cork where she sang “The Snowman” and “Fan Liom” in 3 sold out concerts. She also performed in The Royal Albert Hall. 

‘Fan Liom’ , is Lasairfhíona’s first official music release. The music was written by Malcolm Urquhart,  who is a popular musician in Cork and who appeared on The Voice of Ireland. Lasairfhíona wanted it to be about lost love but also resilience. She writes her own songs in both English and Irish as she is fluent in Gaeilge.

‘Fan Liom’ Can be viewed at

Ivan Nicolas announces new single ‘My Heart Lives’


‘My Heart Lives” OUT Oct 26th

Irish Singer-songwriter Ivan Nicolas started out as a drummer in a blues band and then progressed to guitar and piano, cutting his teeth with his mentor Philip Donnelly. Philip was a session musician for Johnny Cash and was a frequent luminary with Johnny Cash, The Everly Brothers, John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt, Donovan, and many others on the Nashville circuit and also wrote songs for John Prine. During Ivan’s time touring with Philip and being mentored by him, he learned the craft of performance and what it was to write something real and something special.

After honing his craft, Ivan decided to move to Kerry to live on the side of a mountain for a year in solitude working on writing his debut album. Living with such open space around him helped sculpt his personal process of loss and love on many levels, drawing from personal experiences such as the loss of a friend and intimate trials and tribulations of human relationships.

The album was recorded with acclaimed producer Dani Castelar (Paolo Nutini, Michael Jackson, Liam Clancy). Ivan’s self-titled debut album will be released on the 1/3/2019.

Ivan released his first single ‘For The Weekend’ in April 2017, to much acclaim and reaction from stations such as 98fm to Radio Kerry and the highly sought after BBC Introducing awarded him Artist of the week. Ivan has played many a stage and venue including The Electric Picnic. Ivan’s next single “My Heart Lives” is a straight up break-up song. Recorded in Grouse Lodge & Mixed in Studio Barxeta, Valencia, Spain by Dani Castelar. It will be released on Oct 26th.

Social Media Links:

Claire Roche, a musician to harp on about

Claire Roche

A musician to harp on about…

“From Then To The Here And Now” album Out Oct 12th 2018

Gigs: Listed below.

We think of a harp and what it sounds like and usually relate to the harp as a solo instrument for playing tunes. Then we think of singers and what they sound like. Let us now merge the two, which is a musical path of uniqueness, passion and intimacy that is present during a performance by Claire.

In a world of shattered dreams the artist must celebrate the comely and the beautiful, whether it is valid at least it’s honest, as Claire writes in a stream of consciousness from the silver trickles of her past and indeed the vast landscape of Irelands mythological tales and historical events and happenings.

Rather than just play tunes, Claire has chosen the harp to be her accompaniment, her choir, her veil to the “otherworld”. Her words, music and passion gently warms the hearts of those present and fires their spirits into passion, courage, tears, love and laughter.

 After earning a degree in English and Literature at University College, Dublin and a diploma in Anglo Irish Literature from Trinity College, Dublin Claire advanced her intimate studies into literature through to a Master of Arts Degree. Already a piano player and writer of passionate, intimate and poetic songs, Claire experienced a calling to study playing the harp that she soon used as her accompaniment for sharing her songs.

Claire studied Irish harp with Mairin Ferritear at Sion Hill Convent, Dublin,Concert harp with Catriona Yeats at the College of Music, Dublin, and Denise Kelly of the Royal Academy of Music in Dublin who continues to be her mentor.

Not only is Claire’s music unique, but it is emotionally moving especially when we are present in her live performance. This new Radio EP encompasses 4 key tracks from her upcoming album “From Then To The Here And Now” which will be released in Oct 2018.

Gigs and events:

Grand Hotel Wicklow Friday 28th September.

Email 01 283 5135 or 087 289 5525

Carrowcrory Cottage, Co Sligo Monday October 1st.

This is a private tour to visit the Labyrinths, guided by John Willmott and to hear Claire’s music. Visitors are welcome in the evening by appointment.

Email or 087 289 5525

Mount Stewart House near Belfast, Northern Ireland. 8 pm Saturday October 6th

‘Yeat’s Women ‘ by Glynis Casson who is joined in performance by Daniel Costello and Claire Roche who sings some of her settings of poems by W. B .Yeats.

Woodford House, Booterstown Dublin, Thursday Oct 18th

Album launch & FREE GIG from 7pm – 10pm first come first served!

Carrowcrory Cottage, Co Sligo Sunday Nov 4th

This is a private tour to visit the Labyrinths, guided by John Willmott and to hear Claire’s music. Visitors are welcome in the evening by appointment.

Email or 087 289 5525

For more information on Claire please visit:

PAULY FAGAN announces new single ‘It’s What You Got’ a message to those suffering from Depression


“It’s What You Got” Oct 26th

Taken from upcoming album ROADS

Meath man Pauly Fagan grew up in Navan, with a family of music lovers and musicians. Greatly influenced by his parent’s passion for the arts and music, he and all of his brothers were trained to play instruments and also how to read music from the tender age of 4. His unique voice and harmonies win people over wherever he goes. Word of mouth endorsement from those who have seen Pauly perform live has come from Ireland to as far as Canada where he wrote his latest release ‘It’s What You Got’ which is penned for an Oct release date.

Citing his influences Paulo Nutini, Tracy Chapman, the Beatles and Joe Cocker on this new release. His panache in songwriting surprises many as he writes song after song as he is often inspired by the world around him and love; won, lost and observed. 

A talented diverse musician and singer, Pauly plays guitar, piano, tin whistle, trumpet, the Flugelhorn and the French horn. At the age of 12 he enrolled in one of the most musical secondary schools in the country and became a full-time student and border at St. Finnian’s College, Mullingar Co. West Meath. This was where he started to really develop as a musician. Under the supervision of Mr Shane Brennan he was trained how to use his vocal gift to its full potential and sang as a tenor in the school choir for 5 years.

Post school, Pauly paid his dues playing in various venues around Ireland before moving to Canada to give being a full time musician a go. Within a few short months of being there he began recording his own music in EMAC Studios, one of the leading recording studios in Ontario.

He returned to Ireland and his beloved family in April 2012. Finding Ireland still having tough economic times, he returned to Canada for a while performing and traveling but his heart belonged to Ireland. He made the move home for good, and focused on his music at home.

He is a keen supporter of charities and loves to roll up his sleeves for a good cause. He released his first album in 2016 – DEEPER. It featured the song “Hold Me Down” which was used to bring awareness to Women’s Aid Ireland and the issue of domestic violence. Most recently, he has become a strong voice for other young musicians highlighting the risks around depression.

‘It’s What You Got’ is his message to those who may feel down and out… it is his message that they have what its got to get up and make a difference and be a positive light in the world.

The single was recorded and mixed in Abbey Lane studios in Drogheda, Co Louth with Fran McDermot and Eric Sharpe on production. It was Mastered by Fergal Davis. 



Sean & Conor Price announce new mini Album ‘Dreamer’ to be released at midnight on Oct 26th


Sean (18) and his brother Conor (16) are from Blessington in County Wicklow and appeared on X Factor 2017. They started busking on Grafton Street in Dublin, famous for it’s busking, from the ages of 11 and 13 and shared their songs with the crowds. In 2016 the brothers released their debut EP called Change. There are four original songs on the EP, which went to number 9 in the Irish album charts.

Their first audition on X Factor 2017 was in Edinburgh and they chose to sing Jimi Hendrix / Bob Dylan classic All Along the Watchtower. But it was not a straight cover – with the brothers bursting into a rap in between the famous chorus. The busking brothers blew away the judges with their modern rendition of All Along the Watchtower, complete with a funky rap. After a huge applause, Simon Cowell told the duo: “This is probably one of the best auditions we’ve had. I’m going to say something to you guys – I don’t want to change a single thing from what I saw and heard today.”

This audition has proved to be the 3rd most watch video on YouTube in Ireland during 2017. Their journey on the Live shows brought them through three rounds and then into the quarterfinals where they journey finished, earning them a spot in the top 10.

Since X Factor, Sean and Conor have released 3 singles: “Be Like You”, “Get Lost” and “Quit”, each reaching number 1 in the Irish iTunes Charts.

Over the summer, Sean and Conor performed a SOLD OUT headline tour of Ireland in 10 of the most infamous venues including Dublin’s Vicar Street, The INEC Killarney, Millennium Forum in Derry and Ulster Hall in Belfast. In Oct and November they bring their Tour to the UK with shows in London and Manchester.

They are planning their upcoming mini album Titled ‘Dreamer’ which will be released on 26th October 2018. They plan on 2 Christmas shows for their Fans which will be announced soon and a list of In-store sessions in Golden Discs around the country to launch the album in oct and November.

Online links:

Instagram:  @sean_and_conor_price_music


Twitter: @sean_conorprice


SOFT PILL >> SINGLE “MOND” OUT Sept 21st 2018



OUT Sept 21st 2018

Vimeo full-length video: 

SOFT PILL – MOND 2018 from Jason Figgis on Vimeo.

 SOFT PILL is a Concept Project with the objective of creating Evocative Music for Media in collaboration with Dublin based international director and producer Jason Figgis.

Jason Figgis is an award-winning IFTA nominated film and TV director who has had feature work commissioned by major broadcasters that include Sky One, Sky Arts and Discovery Channel. Other distributors of his work include MVD Entertainment Group (USA), Video Services Corp (Canada), Guerrilla Films (UK), Lionsgate Studios (USA), SRS Distribution (UK), Spentzos Films (Greece), KSM (Germany), Double 4 Studios (Slovenia), SVT (Sweden), Von Lederer (Hungary), Google Play (USA), Amazon Instant (USA), Vimeo On Demand (USA), Hulu (USA) and RTE – Network Two (Ireland). His work has been placed in territories that include over 150 countries worldwide

The music of SOFT PILL is a hybrid of digital production and studio performance. With various forms of atmospheric post rock, ambient, down tempo and beat driven tracks acting as the sound for videos produced by Jason.

On Single “Mond”, Alessandra Page appears on bass and vocals and Marc Pierson is on beats and guitars.

In essence SOFT PILL is a unique Visual – Sound Project created to explore new forms of media and visual representation.


Jason Figgis is a an international film producer and director producing

Award Winning Films at Festivals in Ireland/ UK and US.

For information on the films of Jason Figgis see: 

Links  :